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Construction Site Security Services

Constrution Site Security Guards

Frontline Guards proudly stands as the foremost provider of construction site security services in California. Our dedicated team offers on-site security services, ensuring reliable, effective, and top-quality protection for your building site.

We understand the importance of safeguarding your business against various threats, from potential criminal activities to vandalism and intruders. This is why our construction security companies take pride in training our security guards to be vigilant and responsive, ultimately shielding your business from harm and loss caused by negligence or malicious actions.

Our on-site security guards are not only well-trained but also highly experienced in providing superior protection for businesses just like yours. Our comprehensive services cover everything from monitoring all access points to regular premises patrolling, and we’re always ready to respond swiftly to any emergencies.

#1 Construction Site Security Company

Our Services Make Your Business Secure

At Frontline guards, we provide first-class Construction Security Guard Services to make your business reliable and secure!


Armed Security Guards


Unarmed Security Guards


Patrolling Security Guards


Fire Watch Security Guards


Concierge Security Guards


Parking Security Guards

We offer private security and event security services for all of the following.

1. Airport Security
2. Government Facilities
3. Religious Institutions
4. Hospitals and Nursing Homes
5. Schools and Universities
6. Offices and Business Security
7. Financial Institutions
8. Manufacturing Facilities
9. Industrial Facilities/Warehouses
10. Shopping Centers, Malls, and Retail Stores

11. Restaurants
12. Hotels and Motels
13. TV and Film
14. CCTV Monitoring
15. Golf Courses
16. Maritime Security
17. Parade Security
18. Public Transportation
19. Sporting Events
20. Trade Shows

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